A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear younger me,
Ahem. Not quite sure what to tell you. I don’t want to give too much away; I wouldn’t want a ‘Back to the Future’ situation in which I alter the course of history unintentionally.
Or do I? I don’t know. I guess I have to think about it for a bit. Do I have regrets? Definitely. Who doesn’t?
I regret cutting off contact with my friends after moving away. Maybe that’s an extreme description. I have a vague memory of writing letters for a while, but we just petered out. I guess I regret not trying harder to maintain the friendships from my school years. It won’t be until a few years have passed and you discover Facebook that you will get the chance to be reacquainted however slightly through social media. So, I guess I want you to try harder. I know it’s difficult, I know we moved a lot and it seemed futile to fight for friendships when we would just move away again. However, at some point we stopped and we settled. But I still didn’t try to make friends. I don’t know if I forgot how to or what. I think I had trouble shutting off that instinct that told me not to get close to people because inevitably I would lose them. It is still something I struggle with today. Maybe if I had tried to overcome it sooner, I would have more friends today.
I’m having a little trouble with pronouns seeing as I am talking to myself. Or a younger version of me. *waves awkwardly*
What other wisdom do I want to impart? Hmmm…
Don’t give up on your high school certificate because of all the work you’ve got and all the money that comes rolling in. You will end up regretting it and going back when you’re older to complete it. It’s less embarrassing to just do it when you’re supposed to and who knows where I’d be today if I’d stayed on that track?
Like I said, pronouns= difficult when talking to me/you.
What else? What else…
Spend more time with your family. They will not always be around to take for granted. Same goes with your pets. The average lifespan of an animal is in no way a guarantee for how long you can expect them to live.
Forgive and forget. Grudges require anger and energy and negativity. It’s exhausting to hold them and frankly, that effort could be used much more productively.
*Scratches head*
Ok, here is a bullet point list for brevity’s sake:
• Read more. Don’t be embarrassed because it seems like no one else you know likes books.
• Write more. See above.
• Get out more. See the world and experience new things.
• Try to eat better and get more exercise. You’ll be stuck with your body for awhile (hopefully) so treat it better.

So, that’s it from me. I hope things go well for you. Who knows? If you take any of the above advice, my life now just might change (hopefully for the better).