Country Singers, Girl Power and Annihilation- oh my!

Five years old? Well, that was a long time (16 years to be exact) ago. Give me a second to remember…
One of my childhood heroes has to be undoubtedly Sonya from the Mortal Kombat games (and awful 90’s movies). I loved her ability to kick ass, especially since (as far as I can remember) she was human and often fought not-so human fighters. I loved her snappy comebacks, the way she’d roll her eyes and I especially loved her long blonde hair. She was fierce and fabulous! What more could you ask for?
Another hero of mine was… Shania Twain. Why? She was not easily impressed (see her song ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’) and she could pull off a skin tight leopard print body suit thing as well as a man’s shirt. I also loved her vulnerable side, her love songs. One of them particularly (I think it’s called ‘From This Moment’) makes me nostalgic. Every time I hear it, I remember mournfully looking out the car window, on the way home after staying at my grandparent’s house and missing them like crazy. I never wanted to leave their house; I was desperate to live there and being the melodramatic kid that I was, this song playing on the radio at the time seemed to represent my state of mind perfectly.
I have a confession to make (and don’t judge me- I was a total 90’s kid). I loved the Spice Girls. I loved their music, I loved their whole look and attitude and I especially enjoyed watching their movie ‘Spice World’ over and over again. You know how kids immediately pick someone out of a group of musicians (or characters or whatever) that they identify with? Well, I liked Sporty Spice. I figured we had the most in common. Truthfully, I always wanted to be ‘Baby Spice’ (again with the blonde hair) but realistically I knew I was Sporty Spice.
So there you have it. My heroes. The people that I looked up to and identified with or aspired to be like when I was a child. Thank god my tastes have improved since then.


Hi, I am – insert music here.

The following list sums me up as best a list of songs can do:

In the Backseat by Arcade Fire
“I’ve been learning to drive my whole life.”
The Lovecats by the Cure
“It’s the grooviest thing. It’s the perfect dream.”
Deeper Well by Emmylou Harris
“Lookin’ for the water from a deeper well.”
Rest in Peace performed by James Marsters and written by Joss Whedon
“And you just love to play the thought that you might misbehave.”
Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes
“And all the words are gonna bleed from me and I will think no more.”
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire
“Quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock.”

Zombie Child

For a long, long time, my eyes have been glued to the television screen. I guess you could call it an addiction. It’s something that I regret wasting many many hours doing, especially when I was younger.
Nowadays, I still watch a fair amount of television, but I try to regulate it. Only so many hours a day and so forth. I also try to avoid unnecessarily re-watching series and movies. That was a major time-suck of my childhood. I bet I watched the ‘Charmed’ series seven or eight times over. ‘The O.C’ was a (now embarrassing) obsession of mine. I watched it until the discs skipped and the packaging fell apart. Even ‘the Golden Girls,’ which is a series that I still love, I overdosed on it majorly when I was younger.
I regret not getting out of the house a bit more or even just reading and expanding my mind a bit more. Instead, I would go through days where I barely had to wake my brain up at all. What a waste. I guess the good thing is that I have come to this realisation. I no longer binge-watch to the extent of my childhood. I watch a much larger variety of shows and movies, but most importantly, I do a lot of other things too. I write. I read. I listen to music. I go outside every now and then. I experience life a lot more now than back then and for that I am grateful.

A Wildly Optimistic About Page

Hi there!
I have been prattling on with this blog for many years now. I enjoy writing, which is good, because it’s my job. I write novels, poetry, songs and scripts for the movies and television.
That may sound like a lot, but I have the unique ability to write extremely fast, so that despite my massive success and the huge demand for my work, I have a lot of time on my hands to do fun things, such as swim in my pool, play with my fourteen dogs and cats, read books from my private library, jet overseas for a little adventure or watch movies in the theatre that I own.
So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
If you’ll excuse me, I am going to go through the drive through in my flying car.

I’m thinking…I’m thinking

Hmmm… my best thinking?
That would have to take place in my bed, at the end of the day. It’s unfortunate, really, because it gets in the way of a good night’s sleep, but inspiration tends to hit me then. Ideas for stories come to me and my imagination runs wild.
I guess it happens because it’s the time of day when I slow down. I’m not focusing on whatever I have to get done, I’m not trying to get some place, my body is resting but my mind is just starting to wake up.
I will be starting to drift off when suddenly an idea will hit me. I get up, stumble over to my desk, scrawl down a couple of sentences on a post-it and hope that that will satiate me enough so I can get some rest. It’s not always enough.
Every now and then I just have to get up, take off my sleep mask, turn on the light, sit at my desk and write. Write it out. Every thought, plot, story, character, idea, title and general tone that I have come up with just has to get jotted down. On the few occasions that I have ignored this need to write everything down, I have lost the idea by the time I wake up the next day. It’s very much like trying to remember a dream. Impossible. And I regret not putting the idea on paper.
All I can do is hope that inspiration will strike again the next time I go to bed.

New Experiences

The last time I did something completely new, never been done before (by me anyway) and out of my comfort zone was a few weeks ago when I went on holiday with my sister to Queensland. Since I live in NSW, we had to get there by plane. It had been years since I had been on a plane and I was quite nervous about getting back on one. However, most of my anxiety from that trip came from the fact that it was just me and my little sister going to another state. The last time I had gone o Queensland was by car and with the whole family. I wasn’t in charge; I didn’t have any responsibilities. This time around I had to keep an eye on my sister and make sure that we got around okay and generally survived the holiday.

It ended up being very fun and relaxing (most of the time). I am glad that I did it. Now I know I can travel alone, without the parents in the futures. 😉

Magic Exists

I wake up, aware that something is off. There is a tingling sensation all over my body, from my toes to the ends of my hair. Exhaling slowly, I sit up in my bed and look around.
Same room. Nothing’s changed here. I see the mirror and stumble on my way to it.
It’s me. I’m the same me I’ve always been. Same features- long nose, freckles, brown-green eyes and dark hair. Same old band ‘Jack White’ t-shirt and pyjama pants. Except for the magnificent glowing light around my body, nothing’s changed.
I turn my hands over slowly as I gaze at them, disbelievingly. Closing my fists in an effort to feel the light emanating from them doesn’t work. I just feel my hands, warm and slightly sweaty.
On a whim, I bring my hand down in a gesture I’ve seen on some fantasy film. I don’t know what I was expecting. Lightning bolts? A fireball, maybe? All I feel is embarrassed.
My brother! I open my bedroom door and open his. A lump of human is somewhere beneath the mass of bed sheets. His arm is dangling off the side of the bed and there is no light beaming from his skin. The beginnings of a rash, perhaps but no otherworldly glow.
I back slowly out of my brother’s room and close his door. So, it’s just me then. I’m the only one who’s woken up suddenly and unexplainably glow-y.
Why? Why me? Why no one else? That’s not fair! I have to go to work in a couple of hours. What am I going to do? Or say? “Hi, it’s Amy. I can’t come in to work today. I woke up this morning looking like I’ve swallowed the sun. Umm-hmm. Yep, I know. It’s unfortunate. Don’t you wish you could plan these things? Well, have a good day. Bye!”
I shake my head and rub my eyes wearily. My imagination is running wild and it’s not particularly comforting right now. Images of me strapped to a gurney, wrapped in a straightjacket and laughing maniacally pervade my mind.
Yep. Not helping. I need to clear my head. Collect my thoughts. See if I can shake off this light or whatever it is.
I head towards the back door. Going into the front yard in my current condition seems like a not wise move and not just because I’m in my pjs.
The cold morning air fills my lungs. The rocks beneath my bare feet are sharp but I barely notice. Something about being outside has soothed me.
And excited me.
I have the sudden knowledge that there is something that I have to do. Some task I must complete. All thoughts of work and family and burning at the stake leave my mind.
I am one with universe. The currents of air surround me, fill me up. They are mine to control if I so wish.
I smile. I know what I have to do.
My arms, which were dangling at my side, slowly start to rise. I watch the light glow brighter and brighter and then I can’t feel the rocks beneath my feet anymore. The trampoline in front of me gets smaller and smaller as I go higher and higher.
I am rising with the air. I am as a feather in a breeze. This is what I was meant to do, what I had to do.
I look up to the sky above and shoot upwards, laughing delightedly.
I can fly!