5th January, 2014
I’ve got a cup of tea cooling just out of arm’s reach, so I will try to be quick. (Ha).
Today, I woke up (No shit, Sherlock) and got ready and got dropped off early at work. I started at 9:45, but I was there at 9, so I grabbed a (beautiful, life-affirming) coffee and sat in the back room of the store and read.
And read. (I’m reading ‘A Dance With Dragons’ which is the most recent book in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series.
I ended up reading quite a few chapters before I had to open the store. So, naturally throughout my whole 4 hour shift, I had strange sayings running through my head such as ‘Mummer’s farce.’ (Not quite sure what that means, beyond a joke).
Anyway, it was quiet at work. I had little in the way of customer interactions, which would have been great except my job for the day was tremendously boring and required little in the way of brain activity. I was itching for some human interaction when Hannah showed up early to my relief. She hung around a little, got coffee and chatted a bit before starting. I was glad for the company; I even stayed the extra hour that I didn’t have to if I chose not to. We shared amusing stories from the frontlines (by that I mean, the mosh pits of concerts and festivals). My experiences being more limited than hers, she mainly told the tales of being pushed, stepped on and glared at for being tall.
The last hour of work was quite leisurely and I was feeling pretty relaxed and somewhat sleepy by the time I left. My mum messaged me saying that my dad was going down the shops if I wanted a lift. Despite knowing that I would have to hang around for awhile if I accepted, accepted I did.
I bought a donut (cinnamon scroll-yummy in my tummy) to eat at home with a cup of tea and sat in front of Coles, waiting. Waiting turned into reading. My stomach grumbled noisily. Thankfully, the tales of Tyrion kept me pretty engrossed during the long wait for my dad to finish shopping. At some point, my hunger got the better of me and I bought a packet of plain chips from Coles to tide me over (they didn’t).
By the time we got home, I was pretty anxious to shove that donut down my throat but tea was required. After eating, I read for a while. Yes, more Game of Thrones and yes, the unique vocabulary of the novels is still lingering in my mind. I’m slightly afraid (and curious) to see if I will begin talking like a character from the series.
Well, I have a mug of tea and a biscuit with my name on it (not literally, the biscuit says ‘Scotch finger.’) Then I have to wave my arms around for a bit (exercise pshaw) and get some good sleep because I’ve got a long-ass shift tomorrow.


Here’s To You, Coffee!


My initial response to this challenge was to be thankful for the people in my life that are supportive and lovely.

But they know who they are. And how much I wuv them and all that.

So, instead I thought what am I really, truly thankful for? Each morning, when I get up- what is my primary motivation for doing so?

When I am feeling discouraged and down, what do I think about when I want to cheer myself up?

The answer was obvious.



Everyday, I marvel at its restorative effects, its wakefulness inducing loveliness and I count myself lucky for its existence.

Everyday. Without fail.

(Well, except for the other day when I ran out of coffee. But that’s not coffee’s fault. It’s my sister’s.)

So, yeah.

Thanks, coffee! You brighten my day immeasurably. You focus me, eradicate the cobwebs in my head each morning and make it so much easier to keep these eyelids from closing.

You… are beautiful. Dark and rich with a unique aroma that never fails to lift my spirits.

So, thank you coffee.

Keep up the good work!

Picture source: http://rootfun.net/wallpapers/love-wallpapers/attachment/coffee-love-wallpaper-2/