Back From the Dead!

Okay, so I wasn’t DEAD, but I was definitely close to it.

The last few weeks, I have been in an exam-stress-induced haze, a constant, never-ending cycle of exam-study-sleep-repeat.

Finally, the cycle is over. Finished. Ka-boom. (explosion sound effect)

I killed those mutha-effers! (referring to the exams)

Or, I hope I did. At any rate, they are donesies, gonzo, ka-put (spitting sound effect? honestly not sure)

So, now that that extremely stressful, heart rate increasing, acne-causing, ass-ache part of my life is OVER- I thought I’d get back to bizness!

Which means- sleeping through the night (AMAZING), reading for FUN (what a marvellous concept!) and dusting off my writing skills (May need a vacuum and a good spritz).

So, here I am. Ready for the writin’.

Ready to go back to my 2-3 posts a week.

Get used to seeing my face (or rather my display image) because it’s not going anywhere!

At least until my exams for Uni.




The Year I Dusted Off My Brain

I’m pretty happy at the moment.

I am at the tail end of doing my HSC and I have just gotten results back from some mid-year exams that were very important. If I didn’t pass them, I wouldn’t pass the course and I would have had to either give up on it or do the subjects I failed again- adding an extra year to an already extended HSC experience.

Needless to say, I was anxiously waiting for the results. I had no idea what to expect. My only desire was to get 50 marks or more, which is a pass. Anything more is gravy. Delicious, yummy gravy. So, imagine my surprise when I discover that I actually did really well in the exams! Arguably better than I did in my open-book, have-all-the-time-in-the-world-to-complete exams.

I’ve given up trying to figure it out. I’ve decided to just be ecstatic!

Granted, I am still waiting for one more result. One more confirmation that I qualify for the end-of-year exams in that subject. My failing to get my HSC this year hinges on this one result. However, I am cautiously optimistic. The other results have given me a shot of confidence.

Soon. Soon it will be over. My last exam is on October 24th.

68 DAYS! Not that I’m counting.

I’m finally at the home stretch (in the home stretch? I don’t know sports). Being here makes me reflect on the year. How its both flown and slowly crawled by. If I had to give it a title, it would be something like ‘The Year I Spent at a Desk.’

Or, ‘The Year I Dusted Off My Brain.’

Yeah, that one sounds more appropriate. Here’s hoping that I continue to flex my brain muscle next year! I am thinking about doing a Writing course- possibly a Uni one.

And I’m pretty happy at the moment. 😀