Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of Me


How to make me:

(not literally, not the birds and bees way)

First thing you want to do, is preheat the body. I am overly sensitive to cold. It limits my functioning. I am small, skinny- not enough of me retain heat.

Next, you want to add a healthy amount of words. I like them and I use them frequently. The bigger, the better. The more exaggerated and figurative, the best. Reading them is similarly important to the recipe of me.

Now, add a few eccentricities: long periods of silence, sleeps with eyes and mouth open, speaks to animals, fascinated by and terrified of well- just about everything.

Sprinkle in a couple of girly characteristics: loves to shop, dress up, change hair colour, length etc.

And then add a few geeky ones: loves anything created by Joss Whedon, not immune to supernatural/fantasy/sci-fi 

Throw in a few references to movies/television shows for good measure.

Next, play some White Stripes songs. To create ambience.

For a final touch, give me a cup of warm caffeinated liquid. This will complete me.

And there you have it. Me.