New Experiences

The last time I did something completely new, never been done before (by me anyway) and out of my comfort zone was a few weeks ago when I went on holiday with my sister to Queensland. Since I live in NSW, we had to get there by plane. It had been years since I had been on a plane and I was quite nervous about getting back on one. However, most of my anxiety from that trip came from the fact that it was just me and my little sister going to another state. The last time I had gone o Queensland was by car and with the whole family. I wasn’t in charge; I didn’t have any responsibilities. This time around I had to keep an eye on my sister and make sure that we got around okay and generally survived the holiday.

It ended up being very fun and relaxing (most of the time). I am glad that I did it. Now I know I can travel alone, without the parents in the futures. 😉



Happiness looks like my dog.
Happiness is a room full of books and no price stickers. It’s the smell of coffee and sugar.
Happiness is a new outfit that fits great, is comfortable and looks good.
Happiness is sitting in my reclining couch after a nine hour shift and having an episode of Law and Order start right then and there on Foxtel.
Happiness is a new obsession.
Happiness is a high word count, a blank page filled and mucho satisfaction.
Happiness is inspiration. It’s an idea for a story scrawled incomprehensibly on a post-it.
Happiness is the smell of rain, a cup of tea and a stack of books.
Happiness is stationery; lined books, pens, highlighters, pencils, diaries and post-it notes. It’s a new calendar for a new year.
Happiness is an early mark at work.
Happiness is the young March sisters from ‘Little Women.’
Happiness is doing what I want and getting paid for it.
Happiness looks like uncontrollable laughter and smiles.
Happiness looks like a package addressed to me waiting on the doorstep.
Happiness is jumping up and down as Jack White scorches the stage in front of me. It’s watching the White Stripes perform ‘Jolene’ for the first time.
Happiness is a chat with a friend.
Happiness is Princess Leia’s dirty hands and Han Solo’s cockiness.
Happiness is cinnamon toast.
Happiness looks like the characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a musical.
Happiness is a family gathering.
Happiness is coffee-flavoured ice-cream.
Happiness is a fast-moving internet connection.
Happiness is a trip to a coffee shop with the family.
Happiness is a tall, dark and handsome man who thinks that happiness looks like the above.
Happiness is napping in the sun along with my cat.
Happiness is my dog singing.
Happiness looks like a to-do list with everything on it crossed out.
Happiness is fresh air, a little sun and a nice breeze.
Happiness looks like a holiday. Trips to the pool, shopping sprees and exploring.
Happiness is my cat acting like he likes me.
Happiness is a movie theatre growing dark and getting quiet before the film starts.


5th January, 2014
I’ve got a cup of tea cooling just out of arm’s reach, so I will try to be quick. (Ha).
Today, I woke up (No shit, Sherlock) and got ready and got dropped off early at work. I started at 9:45, but I was there at 9, so I grabbed a (beautiful, life-affirming) coffee and sat in the back room of the store and read.
And read. (I’m reading ‘A Dance With Dragons’ which is the most recent book in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series.
I ended up reading quite a few chapters before I had to open the store. So, naturally throughout my whole 4 hour shift, I had strange sayings running through my head such as ‘Mummer’s farce.’ (Not quite sure what that means, beyond a joke).
Anyway, it was quiet at work. I had little in the way of customer interactions, which would have been great except my job for the day was tremendously boring and required little in the way of brain activity. I was itching for some human interaction when Hannah showed up early to my relief. She hung around a little, got coffee and chatted a bit before starting. I was glad for the company; I even stayed the extra hour that I didn’t have to if I chose not to. We shared amusing stories from the frontlines (by that I mean, the mosh pits of concerts and festivals). My experiences being more limited than hers, she mainly told the tales of being pushed, stepped on and glared at for being tall.
The last hour of work was quite leisurely and I was feeling pretty relaxed and somewhat sleepy by the time I left. My mum messaged me saying that my dad was going down the shops if I wanted a lift. Despite knowing that I would have to hang around for awhile if I accepted, accepted I did.
I bought a donut (cinnamon scroll-yummy in my tummy) to eat at home with a cup of tea and sat in front of Coles, waiting. Waiting turned into reading. My stomach grumbled noisily. Thankfully, the tales of Tyrion kept me pretty engrossed during the long wait for my dad to finish shopping. At some point, my hunger got the better of me and I bought a packet of plain chips from Coles to tide me over (they didn’t).
By the time we got home, I was pretty anxious to shove that donut down my throat but tea was required. After eating, I read for a while. Yes, more Game of Thrones and yes, the unique vocabulary of the novels is still lingering in my mind. I’m slightly afraid (and curious) to see if I will begin talking like a character from the series.
Well, I have a mug of tea and a biscuit with my name on it (not literally, the biscuit says ‘Scotch finger.’) Then I have to wave my arms around for a bit (exercise pshaw) and get some good sleep because I’ve got a long-ass shift tomorrow.

Magic Exists

I wake up, aware that something is off. There is a tingling sensation all over my body, from my toes to the ends of my hair. Exhaling slowly, I sit up in my bed and look around.
Same room. Nothing’s changed here. I see the mirror and stumble on my way to it.
It’s me. I’m the same me I’ve always been. Same features- long nose, freckles, brown-green eyes and dark hair. Same old band ‘Jack White’ t-shirt and pyjama pants. Except for the magnificent glowing light around my body, nothing’s changed.
I turn my hands over slowly as I gaze at them, disbelievingly. Closing my fists in an effort to feel the light emanating from them doesn’t work. I just feel my hands, warm and slightly sweaty.
On a whim, I bring my hand down in a gesture I’ve seen on some fantasy film. I don’t know what I was expecting. Lightning bolts? A fireball, maybe? All I feel is embarrassed.
My brother! I open my bedroom door and open his. A lump of human is somewhere beneath the mass of bed sheets. His arm is dangling off the side of the bed and there is no light beaming from his skin. The beginnings of a rash, perhaps but no otherworldly glow.
I back slowly out of my brother’s room and close his door. So, it’s just me then. I’m the only one who’s woken up suddenly and unexplainably glow-y.
Why? Why me? Why no one else? That’s not fair! I have to go to work in a couple of hours. What am I going to do? Or say? “Hi, it’s Amy. I can’t come in to work today. I woke up this morning looking like I’ve swallowed the sun. Umm-hmm. Yep, I know. It’s unfortunate. Don’t you wish you could plan these things? Well, have a good day. Bye!”
I shake my head and rub my eyes wearily. My imagination is running wild and it’s not particularly comforting right now. Images of me strapped to a gurney, wrapped in a straightjacket and laughing maniacally pervade my mind.
Yep. Not helping. I need to clear my head. Collect my thoughts. See if I can shake off this light or whatever it is.
I head towards the back door. Going into the front yard in my current condition seems like a not wise move and not just because I’m in my pjs.
The cold morning air fills my lungs. The rocks beneath my bare feet are sharp but I barely notice. Something about being outside has soothed me.
And excited me.
I have the sudden knowledge that there is something that I have to do. Some task I must complete. All thoughts of work and family and burning at the stake leave my mind.
I am one with universe. The currents of air surround me, fill me up. They are mine to control if I so wish.
I smile. I know what I have to do.
My arms, which were dangling at my side, slowly start to rise. I watch the light glow brighter and brighter and then I can’t feel the rocks beneath my feet anymore. The trampoline in front of me gets smaller and smaller as I go higher and higher.
I am rising with the air. I am as a feather in a breeze. This is what I was meant to do, what I had to do.
I look up to the sky above and shoot upwards, laughing delightedly.
I can fly!


4th January 2014
A meh day today.
I worked 11-5 and it was quiet, so the shift seemed to drag a bit. Then when I got home, I realised that my sister had borrowed a top without asking. I vented to my mum for a bit and then got a message from my sister angry at me for being angry.
Such boring drama.
Anyway, I’m exhausted and burying my face in ‘A Dance of Dragons’ to cope with existing. This entry will have to be short and…. well, whiny I guess. Trying to turn things around. Think positive thoughts.
I’m about to have dinner! I’m going to watch Law and Order later! Yay- food and grisly murders!
And the day is saved.

Is It Time for Lunch Yet?

3rd January, 2014
I’m only halfway through this day, but I wanted to get a jump on my tasks for today. I’ve almost finished my first Uni assessment. I’m just combing through it for grammatical errors and format errors.
I have to write a journal for my mum. She is a scrapbooker, which means she obsessively takes photographs and makes people write about the events in their lives to accompany the pictures in a scrapbook. Sigh. It shouldn’t take too long, at least.
I just brought a comic online. I was waiting for a page to load, got bored and the next thing I know, I’m going through the checkout on I bought ‘Fray’ written by Joss Whedon, creator of all things good in this world (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, Firefly etc.). I initially wanted to buy the Angel comics, but there are so many of them and they are difficult to find (and thus not cheap), so I gave up and bought ‘Fray.’ I might also have to buy ‘Much Ado About Nothing,’ which is a Shakespeare play filmed by Joss Whedon in his backyard. I MUST HAVE IT.
It was nice knowing you, money.
Other plans for this day include reading and more reading. I am currently reading the fifth ‘Game of Thrones’ book ‘A Dance with Dragons.’ It’s roughly the size of a brick, but addictive to read. I suspect my wrists will pay for the pleasure of reading it (like I said, it’s big) but I also suspect that it will be very much worth it.
My shift at work yesterday afternoon was pretty good. It was suspiciously quiet in the centre. At one point, the girl who works at the jewellery store across from the clothes shop I work at abandoned her post and came over for a chat. She spent the whole time anxiously looking back and forth, making sure that she wasn’t missing any opportunities for conversation in her store. Her appearance was funny, actually. Just before she walked over, Hannah (fellow employee) and I were discussing the mystery of whether our store manager was pregnant or not. It was the first time that the topic had come up and I was incredibly relieved to find that Hannah was as mystified as I was, because I had been worried that my manager had told everybody about her pregnancy except for me. Instead, I realise that she hasn’t told anybody and the other girls I work with are as uncertain about it as I am. Phew. Anyway, Hannah and I were in the middle of discussing this latest development when Sam (lady from jewellery store) walked up and asked us ‘Is somebody in your store pregnant?”
Hannah and I looked at each other and started laughing, disbelievingly. For weeks it seems, this topic hasn’t seen the light of day, but suddenly everyone seemed to want to talk about it. So, we discussed it for awhile, coming to the conclusion that she is most likely pregnant.
Eventually, we had to get back to work of course, but I’m glad that it’s out in the open now. What that means for us, I’m not sure. I’ve had my share of awful bosses and if my manager is replaced by one, I’m not going to stick around and hope things change by itself (an unfortunate and unsuccessful plan of action I have taken before).
If I have to leave the shop, it may give me the excuse I need to pursue a job in a book store (something that I have been wanting for a long time).
That’s all from me today, folks.


2nd January, 2014

Just got a call from work asking if I could start a couple of hours earlier. Enthusiastically, I said “absolutely!”

Not really.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” I said, sounding as if I’d just agreed to have individual strands of my hair yanked out by crabby bus drivers.

So, that happened. What else…

Yesterday was quite productive, which is to be expected for the first day of the year. The trick is remaining consistent throughout the year, without the motivating factor of having a clean slate. I spent on a few hours on Uni work, finishing my first assessment. It just needs some polishing before I submit it. I wrote about 550 words for a fan fiction story as well as a general outline of the story. I have a habit of beginning stories with no idea of where I’m going with it or how it’s going to end. This year, I break that habit! (hopefully).

I finished reading ‘Good Omens’ by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. It was great; it made me really nostalgic for my mid-teens when I went through a total Discworld groupie phase (the setting for Terry Pratchett’s books). It was a timely Christmas present from my mum. Timely because I had just finished reading ‘American Gods’ and was eager for more Neil Gaiman. I even considered purchasing his ‘Sandman’ comic series online, but stopped myself at the last minute by remembering all of the bills that needed taking care of. Boo.

Anyway, imagine my delight when I opened the Christmas presents from my mum and discovered that she had bought me a stack of new Neil Gaiman books. ‘Good Omens’ stuck out among the selection because of its two authors, so I decided to give it a go first. Next thing I know, I’m giggling in the food court of the local shopping centre (where I work) and attracting weird looks from people. It’s a great book; I highly recommend it (but maybe don’t read it in public).

This morning, I got up early (blerg) so that I could go with my mum and sisters to a local coffee shop. It is something that we used to do on a regular basis, but the financial strain that ‘tis the Christmas season put a temporary stop to it. We seemed a little rusty at first; my sister even started reading at the table. By the time the coffee had gone cold and the pancakes had gotten soggy with syrup, we were chatting like crazy. It was nice.

Now, I’m back home and trying to make the most of these last few precious hours of freedom before my work shift (*cough* melodramatic). That means reading, writing, scrolling through facebook, sitting in front of the fan (it’s really hot) and more eating.

My life is a constant flurry of excitement, is it not?

Signing off…