I’m new to this whole Blogging thing. But I love writing, I love reading- this seemed like a natural progression. I mainly post journal-type entries consisting of my thoughts, ideas, any interesting stories I want to share or funny/inspiring quotes. I like to do the writing challenges, so you’ll see a few of those. Other than that, I can’t describe a typical post from me.
I post around 3 times a week. If were to go on holiday (a mighty big if), I will probably still post but I will say something if an absence is anticipated. More than likely, this will have more to do with exams and me being in self-imposed study hibernation rather than me sipping mimosas by the pool, too lazy to fumble around in my head for words.
Just realised I don’t know what a mimosa is. I’m off to find out…

Oh yeah, and the title of my blog is based on this quote by Joss Whedon:
“The two things that matter the most to me: emotional resonance and rocket launchers. Party of Five, a brilliant show, and often made me cry uncontrollably, suffered ultimately from a lack of rocket launchers.”


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