1st January, 2014

Well, here goes.

Inspired by Neil Gaiman, I have decided to start a journal. What better day to start than the first day of a new year?

I can make it one of my New Year’s Resolutions to update it frequently. Not sure of how frequently I should do so, since I am not that interesting and there’s only so much tedium I can write about before the fabric of reality tears and the world collapses from immense boredom.

But I’ll see how I go.

So, I guess I should talk about stuff that I did. A quick recap of how I spent my New Year’s Eve:

  • Reading
  • Junk food eating. (Starbursts, twisties, ice-cream, soft-drink, chocolate- the whole nine yards)
  • Watching ‘Stepbrothers.’ (It was pretty funny.)
  • Watching the fireworks from our backyard with the sisters.
  • Subsequently, watching flocks of birds freak the hell out, screeching like crazy and flying away as fast as they could. Poor buggers. 
  • Reading some more.
  • Oh, and writing a little.

Not exactly what you would call ‘off-the-hook.’ But I liked it. I think it was appropriate. I remember thinking as I read and ate while listening to Arcade Fire’s amazing new album that the evening was effectively foreshadowing the rest of my year as it will undoubtedly be filled with books, music and food.

And yes, I think of myself in terms of characters sometimes. I am the protagonist of my own story. If I were to review it, I would say that it’s been somewhat of a slow start and the main character is not always that likeable, but  very realistic.

2014, here we go!

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