Back From the Dead!

Okay, so I wasn’t DEAD, but I was definitely close to it.

The last few weeks, I have been in an exam-stress-induced haze, a constant, never-ending cycle of exam-study-sleep-repeat.

Finally, the cycle is over. Finished. Ka-boom. (explosion sound effect)

I killed those mutha-effers! (referring to the exams)

Or, I hope I did. At any rate, they are donesies, gonzo, ka-put (spitting sound effect? honestly not sure)

So, now that that extremely stressful, heart rate increasing, acne-causing, ass-ache part of my life is OVER- I thought I’d get back to bizness!

Which means- sleeping through the night (AMAZING), reading for FUN (what a marvellous concept!) and dusting off my writing skills (May need a vacuum and a good spritz).

So, here I am. Ready for the writin’.

Ready to go back to my 2-3 posts a week.

Get used to seeing my face (or rather my display image) because it’s not going anywhere!

At least until my exams for Uni.




Spring has Sprung

First off, I have to apologise for my absence. I have some killer exams coming up- starting Monday and preparing for them is eating up my time like a gluttonous… thing that eats time?

Clearly, my absence is doing wonders for my writing. (sarcasm)

Anyway, this Daily Prompt intrigued me. I live in Australia, which is characterised by its dry, hot climate (for good reason) but that doesn’t mean we don’t experience the full shebang (what? I don’t know) of every season.

At the moment, in good old Oz, it’s Spring. And boy, is it ever!

Flowers have sprung out of nowhere, in beautiful, vibrant colours. In my suburb, there are many trees full of red bottlebrushes. I have one in my own front yard.


Every now and then, I see pink bottlebrush trees, which are very pretty. My neighbour, who is a grizzly elderly man (but surprisingly kind) has a random lovely orange flower growing in his overgrown lawn. Every time I see it, I think it’s a bright spot in a sea of green. I hope he doesn’t pull it out.

The flowers and plants have made their way onto people’s clothing, also. Spring fashion is here. I can say that with a modicum of authority as I work at a women’s clothing store. Bright colours, earthy tones, tropical prints and florals, florals, florals.

I like it. It’s fun, it’s cheery. The tropical prints, especially, make me think of exotic vacations in faraway jungles.

Fashion is escapism.

But I’m wandering on and off topic, aren’t I? I haven’t answered the question of the prompt:

Are you glad to be moving into a new season, or wishing for one more week of the old?

I think it’s safe to say that I am enjoying this new season and I don’t particularly want winter to linger around for any longer.

I used to think of Spring as a transition season- the step between winter and summer. However, I’m coming to realise that it has its own value. Its warm without being ridiculously hot (I’m looking at you, Australian summers!) and the return of colour to the world after a dreary winter is like going from b/w Kansas into Oz.

You can’t help but have your mood uplifted when the sun is out. Your worries seem a little less… worrisome when the world is so colourful and warm.

So, yes- Good riddance to Winter. *sultry tone* And hellllooooo, Spring!

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Sorry for the absence!


I have been very quiet on here lately.

I’m sorry- it’s unavoidable. I have multiple important exams coming up and my brain space feels like its filled to the brink with information relating to the subjects I’m studying.

Literally, I feel like I can’t handle anymore thoughts that are not related to these upcoming exams.

For that reason, I’m afraid that I will have to go on a little hiatus.

Just until these exams are over.


See you then 😉