Here’s To You, Coffee!

My initial response to this challenge was to be thankful for the people in my life that are supportive and lovely.

But they know who they are. And how much I wuv them and all that.

So, instead I thought what am I really, truly thankful for? Each morning, when I get up- what is my primary motivation for doing so?

When I am feeling discouraged and down, what do I think about when I want to cheer myself up?

The answer was obvious.



Everyday, I marvel at its restorative effects, its wakefulness inducing loveliness and I count myself lucky for its existence.

Everyday. Without fail.

(Well, except for the other day when I ran out of coffee. But that’s not coffee’s fault. It’s my sister’s.)

So, yeah.

Thanks, coffee! You brighten my day immeasurably. You focus me, eradicate the cobwebs in my head each morning and make it so much easier to keep these eyelids from closing.

You… are beautiful. Dark and rich with a unique aroma that never fails to lift my spirits.

So, thank you coffee.

Keep up the good work!

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