Help Wanted (but I won’t ask)

I rarely ask for help. Not that I don’t need it every now and then (who doesn’t?) but I find it difficult to admit that.
When you ask someone for help, it can feel like admitting defeat. It feels like you’re saying that you’re not strong/smart/mature enough; can you help me?
As someone who is somewhat of a perfectionist, it is hard for me to accept that I don’t always have the time/smarts/muscle etc to accomplish a task.
I wake up every morning and I go over what I want to achieve that day. If I don’t manage to cross everything off of my to-do list, I feel bad about myself. Rarely do I ask for help, however.
I internalise problems. I don’t talk about them, give voice to them- it will make them real and unavoidable.
This facet of my personality has given me a kind of ‘robot’ reputation. Someone who doesn’t cry, who doesn’t feel and doesn’t share.
This bothers me a lot. But what can I do?
I can’t ask for help.

6 thoughts on “Help Wanted (but I won’t ask)

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