Oh, Mum why?


My name is Amy-Lee.
My mum chose the name Amy after my great grandmother and added Lee.
There has been much debate regarding my name over the years. For instance, does/should my name have a hyphen? My Mum believes it does; she always considered my name to be Amy-Lee and my nickname Amy.
However, I have no memory of being called Amy-Lee, only Amy. It’s just what everyone calls me. It has always felt like my first name and Lee has always felt more like a middle name.
Except I already have a middle name: Francias.
No, that’s not a typo. That’s how my Mum spelt my middle name on my birth certificate.
You might ask- Was she whacked out on post-baby birth drugs when she chose it?
It’s the explanation I am the most comfortable with. However, the truth is that my Mum was 20 years old when she had me.
And she thought it would be cool to spell my middle name ‘the French way.’
Except that makes little sense.
Possibly, she meant to give me the middle name: ‘Français,’ which is literally French for ‘French’ (or Frenchman). And she inverted the letters in a post-baby birth drug induced stupor, in which case, it’s really not her fault.
I don’t know. I suspect she also is not entirely sure. (Again, those drugs pack a wallop.)
Anyway, it’s all water under the bridge. So what if my middle name is misspelt? So what if people pronounce it Francee-ass?
Who cares if it sounds like my name has the word ‘ass’ in it?
I can always change my name. While I’m at it, I can make ‘Lee’ my middle name as opposed to part of my first name. Drop that hyphen forever!
That will probably annoy my Mum, but whatever.
Serves her right for naming me Amy-Lee Francee-ass!
Again, water under the bridge.

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