I Think About You Sometimes

I think about you sometimes

(Do you think of me?)

I imagine a random meeting.

(Would you recognise me?)

Time has changed what I look like.

(Would you be alone?)

Life has changed who I am.

(Has it changed you too?)

I think you liked me then.

(Would you like me now?)

I remember your smile,

(Do you still smile that way?)

You were shy and so was I.

I’m still shy.

(What about you?)

I imagine an alternate reality.

(What if things had gone differently?)

Silly, really.

(What if I had stayed?)

The fantasy fades quickly,

(What if you had asked me to stay?)

And I return to now.

(Will you fade from my memory?)

As new memories replace the old,

(Will you disappear eventually?)

Our time is already hazy.

(Will I forget you?)

I don’t want to. You were important to me.

(Was I important to you?)

You would ramble on and on,

(Do you still do that?)

About things of no interest to me,

(Would you still want me to like video games?)

It makes me smile now. I let you ramble.

(Why else would I have done that?)

I wanted to make you happy.

(Did you know?)

I wanted you to like me.

(How could you not know?)

I was lonely.

(And you were there.)

Sometimes I think about you.

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