The Sun Just Cheers Me Up

After so long shivering,
In the dark and the cold.
Spring is like being smiled on by the sky
Or embraced by the sun,
Even after it’s gone,
The warmth lingers
On your skin, on your clothes,
In the spaces between your toes.
How lovely it is
the start of this new season.
After a long, sullen winter,
The meek sun emerges,
Long time no-see acquaintance,
Nature shudders and awakens,
The sky is suddenly so blue and clear,
The air so warm, it cheers
Gone are the socks, the coats,
The scarves to cover throats,
And out come the light,
Gentle fabrics on your skin,
They don’t have to keep the warmth in.
Finally, it’s all around us.

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