A Successful Blogger? What the what?


Do I strive to become a successful blogger?

Sure, I guess. But what constitutes a successful blogger?

One who blogs regularly, according to their promised schedule and in keeping with their theme?

One who has gained x amount of followers?

One who has been blogging for a certain amount of time?

I guess success is relative.

For me, being a successful blogger is making an impact.

In a way, it combines all of the above criteria because what blogger can impact their readers without doing all of the above?

I’m still pretty new to this blogging. When I read other blogs, I marvel at their cohesion and the talent of the writers. I see clearly the difference between those blogs and mine.

It’s not discouraging; it’s inspiring.

I aspire to that level of blogdom (a word that I just made up- see what a newbie I am?).

So, I guess when I reach it, I will consider myself a ‘successful blogger.’



13 thoughts on “A Successful Blogger? What the what?

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