Daily Prompt:Three Tenths: Princess – Escape – Gun



Okay, so the ten words that came to my mind were clearly influenced by the Empire Strikes Back poster that was on the wall in front of me.

As such, my story is definitely influenced by Star Wars. I should probably preface it by saying that I don’t own Star Wars. I’m just a fan who likes writing challenges.


“How are we going to get out of here?” she thought, desperately. A laser bolt exploded close to her face and she ducked to avoid the sparks.

“Nice one, Your Worship!”

The Princess blew out an exasperated breath.

“Someone needed to do something!” she shouted back, angrily.

“Like letting them know where we are by suddenly shooting at them?” the Pirate shouted, incredulously. He dodged a blast- barely.

“Stop yelling at me and concentrate on not getting killed!” the Princess retorted. The Pirate rolled his eyes and hid behind some steel crates.

“I got us into this. I’ll get us out,” she said with more certainty than she felt. The Princess thought she heard him mutter something derogatory but she ignored him.

Okay. They were at a dead end. Their way out was currently blocked by men with guns, determined to shoot them and prevent their escape.

The Princess shielded her face from falling debris after a shot came perilously close to her again. The Pirate’s worried expression prompted her to mouth, “I’m fine.”

She sighed. It wasn’t really an apt description considering their current situation. She resigned herself to some unfortunate facts: they were trapped. There was one way out. The only way to get out was to get through the men with guns.

“Okay,” the Princess said to herself.

“Okay what?” the Pirate called back.

He didn’t get an answer as she suddenly jumped out from behind the crates to shoot back at the men. Her gun rapidly fired, taking out one after the other before they realised what was happening.

The next thing she knew, she was firing at air. All the men were on the ground.

The Pirate stumbled out from behind the crates and took in the scene, with some awe on his face.

The Princess smirked at him and said, “Let’s go.”  


Picture credit : http://moviechickswithguns.com/27/med/Star_Wars_Princess_Leia.htm 

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