One Month Anniversary!

I just noticed that I have been posting on this blog for one month! Yay me!

I’m kidding (somewhat). One month is not a lot of time. 4 weeks, roughly 30 days…
Not that I’m counting. I’m really not!

I just thought I would point it out. To myself, more than anyone.
Especially, as the time has just breezed by… I thought that I would struggle to post regularly because of ideas drying up, lack of time etc. However, I’m happy to report that I have posted at least 3 times a week (my aim) and done so eagerly, without that feeling of completing a chore.

In fact, posting has become something that I do to relax, during a break from studying. It’s nice to think about something other than Spanish verb conjugations or the impact of Stalinism on the Soviet state.

Instead, I think about words.

Words, words and more words. Where to put them, how to use them, which ones work the best…

And it’s fun.

My fear of not having anything to write about rapidly disappeared as well. Mainly due to the wonderful Daily Prompts and Weekly Challenges. If my mind is elsewhere (for instance, in Russian politics) then completing a challenge provides a wonderful distraction, a new post and one less idea that I have to come up with in terms of writing. The writing challenges, of course, still require a degree of creativity and inventiveness but the seed of the idea is provided. You don’t have to go fumbling for an idea and despairing when you can’t find one.

I’ve been posting under ‘First Posts’ hoping that readers would understand that I was a blogging novice (and have low expectations). I think its time I add a new category. What do you think? ‘Second Posts’? Nah. ‘One Month Old Blogger Posts’? Yea…no. ‘Slightly less Novice-y Posts’? Maybe?

I’ll have it figured out before my next post. (I’m open to suggestions.)

So, blog. You and me- we been together for a month now.

Should we celebrate with a drink?

*holds up cup of tea*

Here’s to the next month!
*cheerfully smashes the mug of scalding liquid into the computer screen*
*second-degree burns*
*$325 for new computer screen*

3 thoughts on “One Month Anniversary!

  1. If you go to freshly pressed and press “explore topics” you will see a list of categories. Try to post your post in a few of those categories. Many who browse wordpress click on those categories and will find your post.

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