With Curlers in Her Hair by BlameyLee



I smell cream. Rich, thick, white cream and I am instantly transported…

It’s 2000. I am eight years old and sleeping over my Nan’s house. Nanny, I call her. House is not quite right a description. She lives in a tiny apartment, really one big room separated into smaller squares for separate functions. There’s a lot of pink, a lot of pastel colours and floral decorations. The couch is covered in cushions, arranged neatly and everything on the dining room table is perfectly placed: the bowl of chewy lollies in the middle and a coaster for ever setting.

I am in the kitchen. I have just woken up. Nanny is already awake. As always. She makes me breakfast. A tiny bowl of cornflakes, sugar sprinkled on top with milk and cream to finish. As always.

No one else puts thickened cream in their cereal. Only Nanny. She invented it (or so 8-year old me thinks).

It is delicious. Creamy, obviously, thick and decadent and so much more than just plain old cereal. I love it. The taste of the cream, the feel of it, the look of it- so much whiter and less watery than milk.

After the cornflakes are gone, I drink what’s left. All sugar, cream and milk- what a treat!

And one I only get at my Nanny’s house. She is the purveyor of sweets. She will always be my Willy Wonka with curlers in her hair.


Picture Source: http://www.foodpeoplewant.com/crema-mexicana/ 

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