Yawn by BlameyLee


Not playing, but watching

Sports is boring to me

I just can’t get into it and

I just don’t see.

Flashes of colour on a field,

Touchdown, tackle, go team

One love, red card, he’s out!

What’s it all mean?

While others stare transfixed,

I just look away,

I can fall asleep listening

to people discuss a game.

But I love the competition,

Being active, a part of a team,

The adrenalin, the exhilaration,

For that, I am rather keen.

It’s just watching other people play

That’s got me dozing off,

Or trying to change the subject,

To ANYTHING but golf.

So, please don’t bring it up,

I can’t take anymore

No, not the sports channel-

God, what a bore.

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