The Sun Just Cheers Me Up

After so long shivering,
In the dark and the cold.
Spring is like being smiled on by the sky
Or embraced by the sun,
Even after it’s gone,
The warmth lingers
On your skin, on your clothes,
In the spaces between your toes.
How lovely it is
the start of this new season.
After a long, sullen winter,
The meek sun emerges,
Long time no-see acquaintance,
Nature shudders and awakens,
The sky is suddenly so blue and clear,
The air so warm, it cheers
Gone are the socks, the coats,
The scarves to cover throats,
And out come the light,
Gentle fabrics on your skin,
They don’t have to keep the warmth in.
Finally, it’s all around us.


A Successful Blogger? What the what? 

Do I strive to become a successful blogger?

Sure, I guess. But what constitutes a successful blogger?

One who blogs regularly, according to their promised schedule and in keeping with their theme?

One who has gained x amount of followers?

One who has been blogging for a certain amount of time?

I guess success is relative.

For me, being a successful blogger is making an impact.

In a way, it combines all of the above criteria because what blogger can impact their readers without doing all of the above?

I’m still pretty new to this blogging. When I read other blogs, I marvel at their cohesion and the talent of the writers. I see clearly the difference between those blogs and mine.

It’s not discouraging; it’s inspiring.

I aspire to that level of blogdom (a word that I just made up- see what a newbie I am?).

So, I guess when I reach it, I will consider myself a ‘successful blogger.’




Some dreams are too fragile

To let loose in the world,

What if people mock them, belittle them?

And in doing so, kill them?


I keep them locked up tight,

So people can’t peer

And keep my mouth shut tight,

No one will ever hear,


Of my wishes and my hopes,

For the future, so dear,

So delicate they can’t cope

Can’t survive a jeer


My dreams, so big,

They swallow me whole,

And the clock goes tick,

And it shreds my soul


Some dreams are too fragile to share,

To live in the open air

So I hide them away,

But they surface every day.

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Daily Prompt: Procrastination A Poem



I am a major procrastinator.

I leave all things ’till later.

Dentist appointments, walking the dog,

My mental to-do list is always long.

But how addictive it is

to focus on fun,

to read books and watch TV,

and not get things done.

Oh, how I regret,

at the end of the day

when nothing is crossed off,

Everytime, I pay.

I race around,

so many things to do,

and so little time,

why do I leave it?

to the last minute?



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Daily Prompt:Three Tenths: Princess – Escape – Gun


Okay, so the ten words that came to my mind were clearly influenced by the Empire Strikes Back poster that was on the wall in front of me.

As such, my story is definitely influenced by Star Wars. I should probably preface it by saying that I don’t own Star Wars. I’m just a fan who likes writing challenges.


“How are we going to get out of here?” she thought, desperately. A laser bolt exploded close to her face and she ducked to avoid the sparks.

“Nice one, Your Worship!”

The Princess blew out an exasperated breath.

“Someone needed to do something!” she shouted back, angrily.

“Like letting them know where we are by suddenly shooting at them?” the Pirate shouted, incredulously. He dodged a blast- barely.

“Stop yelling at me and concentrate on not getting killed!” the Princess retorted. The Pirate rolled his eyes and hid behind some steel crates.

“I got us into this. I’ll get us out,” she said with more certainty than she felt. The Princess thought she heard him mutter something derogatory but she ignored him.

Okay. They were at a dead end. Their way out was currently blocked by men with guns, determined to shoot them and prevent their escape.

The Princess shielded her face from falling debris after a shot came perilously close to her again. The Pirate’s worried expression prompted her to mouth, “I’m fine.”

She sighed. It wasn’t really an apt description considering their current situation. She resigned herself to some unfortunate facts: they were trapped. There was one way out. The only way to get out was to get through the men with guns.

“Okay,” the Princess said to herself.

“Okay what?” the Pirate called back.

He didn’t get an answer as she suddenly jumped out from behind the crates to shoot back at the men. Her gun rapidly fired, taking out one after the other before they realised what was happening.

The next thing she knew, she was firing at air. All the men were on the ground.

The Pirate stumbled out from behind the crates and took in the scene, with some awe on his face.

The Princess smirked at him and said, “Let’s go.”  


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The Year I Dusted Off My Brain

I’m pretty happy at the moment.

I am at the tail end of doing my HSC and I have just gotten results back from some mid-year exams that were very important. If I didn’t pass them, I wouldn’t pass the course and I would have had to either give up on it or do the subjects I failed again- adding an extra year to an already extended HSC experience.

Needless to say, I was anxiously waiting for the results. I had no idea what to expect. My only desire was to get 50 marks or more, which is a pass. Anything more is gravy. Delicious, yummy gravy. So, imagine my surprise when I discover that I actually did really well in the exams! Arguably better than I did in my open-book, have-all-the-time-in-the-world-to-complete exams.

I’ve given up trying to figure it out. I’ve decided to just be ecstatic!

Granted, I am still waiting for one more result. One more confirmation that I qualify for the end-of-year exams in that subject. My failing to get my HSC this year hinges on this one result. However, I am cautiously optimistic. The other results have given me a shot of confidence.

Soon. Soon it will be over. My last exam is on October 24th.

68 DAYS! Not that I’m counting.

I’m finally at the home stretch (in the home stretch? I don’t know sports). Being here makes me reflect on the year. How its both flown and slowly crawled by. If I had to give it a title, it would be something like ‘The Year I Spent at a Desk.’

Or, ‘The Year I Dusted Off My Brain.’

Yeah, that one sounds more appropriate. Here’s hoping that I continue to flex my brain muscle next year! I am thinking about doing a Writing course- possibly a Uni one.

And I’m pretty happy at the moment. 😀