A New Season Begins

Sun hits me like a spotlight of warmth,

I freeze, and bask

So long since I felt this,

My stiff fingers unfurl,  

released at last, not clenched

The breeze lifts my hair,

Warmth finds my neck,

Eyes closed, sigh released,

Summer at last.

How long has it been?

Trapped by the cold, huddled, unmoving,

Reluctant to venture,

The icy breeze

Always there, always waiting

The too soon darkness,

A world enveloped by misery,

Hostility, numbness,

Blankets by the dozen

Beds safe havens

Such effort to leave, to rise, to exist

Cold pervades everything,

Limits everything, everyone

No more.

Turning, basking, blessed warmth

Seeps in, waking, comforting,



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