Daily Prompt: A to Z by BlameyLee


All I can say is it’s about time.

Based on your expression, I can tell it’s done.

Coz’ when the fights get that bad, and nothing is held back…

Don’t. We will get through this. We have to.

Even though my insides are churning, clenching

Feel as though I’m my gonna be sick with regret

Gonna take it back any second now

Have to do anything to keep you here

I can’t be happy with you, can’t imagine living without you

Just so hard to move, to change

Kept this position for so long, scared of being alone

Life without you.

Maybe I can let it go, maybe I’m the one to blame,

Need to change

Or can’t you budge? Just a little?

Please? It would mean so much, everything,

Quite a lot- to me.

Running in circles, aren’t we. Rhetorical.

Something tells me its…

Time. Time. Time.

Unless one of us can adjust. No. Enough.

Very well. It’s over.

What is to be done? Nothing.

X-mas is right around the corner, too.

You won’t be there. Our friends will have to choose between us. Greater number of friends wins. Doesn’t matter. We will both feel like



5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A to Z by BlameyLee

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