Let’s get some things straight…

So, I’ve been looking around the word press site and reading a lot of helpful hints on writing and more specifically, maintaining a blog.

One tip that keeps cropping up is: Come up with some sort of schedule- whether its a daily post, weekly post, monthly post…. Just do it with some sort of regularity.

I think this is a good tip. So, I am going to decide right here and now roughly how often I will post.


Still deciding…

I think I can manage a couple of times a week. I was tempted to shoot for daily. But let’s face it- I have other stuff to do. Most of it not as fun as making posts but stuff that needs to get done.

Okay, so for any interested parties out there: I aim to post 2-3 times a week.

Now, next thing to decide is…what will be my content?

I’m going to need a little longer to decide on that. For now, ‘uncategorized’ is an unfortunately accurate summary of this blog.

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Let’s get some things straight…

    • Thanks! Yes, I thought a few times a week will keep it fun and casual because I have the freedom of choosing what days to post.
      I think its important to keep it fun and not like a chore in order to keep going with it.
      God knows we have chores aplenty already!

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