What am I doing?

I haven’t quite figured out my motive for starting a blog.


Need for validation?

Desperate to get the swirling mass of words in my head space out and on paper (sort of) in an attempt to fix my erratic sleep patterns?

Need for validation?

I’m guessing a combination of all of these reasons. I don’t know if anyone is listening, reading or caring. I can’t promise my words will be all that interesting. Probably nothing you haven’t read before. The self-indulged ramblings of a self-conscious twenty something.

But screw it. I’m going to do it anyway. I remember reading somewhere, I don’t remember the source unfortunately, but someone said that the first words that you write are crap (I may be paraphrasing here) but once you’ve gotten them out and filled that intimidating black page with little black characters, then it is easy to tweak and edit until you’ve got something slightly less crap. (I’m definitely paraphrasing).

So, I’m going to write some first words. Flex and tone my writing muscles in the hopes that they will become so big and bulgy that people will refer to me as the Popeye of Words.

And so it begins.

(I know. I’m cringing, too.)

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